CMT News

09.30.2022 – Fuyao Group recently became the world’s largest auto glass manufacturer with their U.S. expansion. In 2015, we began shipping glass from the World’s Largest Auto Glass Plant located in Dayton, Ohio. Many of the features your car’s auto glass has today were developed by Fuyao. We are constantly evolving our glass technologies to set trends rather than following them. CMT appreciates the opportunity in supporting construction of the new facility.

08.25.2022 – CMT completed contracting construction of SDA BIO Pharmaceutical facility in Sanford North Carolina. Sanford is a growing hub for life sciences companies, and a small local company is looking to operate out of a space it just bought on Goldsboro Avenue. After price shock canceled Chatham site, life sciences company SDA BIO grows in Sanford.

05.12.2022 – Merckina Virolabs Laboratory Complex located in RTP of North Carolina